Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Haaaaaaaii!! It's been a while since I've blogged Truth Hair and I'm showing my favorites from the past few releases.

. truth hair 1
Lykie | Dee
You all probably know that Truth started making mesh hair and they're FABULOUS! Lykie is mesh and it fit me perfectly but you might need to adjust the shape of your head but that's fine since it won't be visible. Lykie comes with roots and the standard version as I'm wearing it here. Dee is also mesh and it really reminded me of Adele, no idea why.. but that's a good thing because I love her! Dee also comes with roots and a normal no roots version.

. truth hair 2
India | Brenna
India isn't mesh but Brenna is. India comes with roots plus standard version and a colour change flower. You can also remove the flower but I think it's very lovely and works really well with the hair. Brenna is a simple and tidy side ponytail hairstyle.

. truth hair 3
Savina | Lori | Kalle
These are all from the latest release and I fell in love with every single one of them at the moment I tried them on but that's not surprising since I love all the hairs from Truth. Savina and Lori are both mesh and they come with a roots and no roots version. Kalle comes with 2 bang versions and a colour change band.

All clothing (in order) is from Friday, Whippet & Buck and Artilleri. 
All skins are from Glam Affair (Leah and it's the latest skin release, will blog it later)


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