Friday, December 30, 2011

. glamorous linn

Howdy! Remember when I said I'm going to do a full review of the Linn skin before? Yep!

 . glamorous linn (tones)
This gorgeous new face from Glam Affair called Linn comes in 5 skin tones - Light, Natural, MedTan, Tan & Dark. I love the difference between the tones, everyone will find their preferred tone in this skin line.

. glamorous linn (make ups 1)
(make ups 1-4) What I look for the most in skins are the make ups. I love a variety in make ups and Linn has it all! From simple to glam. Linn comes in 12 gorgeous make ups to choose from.

. glamorous linn (make ups 2)
(make ups 5-8) I love the different make ups here. The eye shadows go so well with the lipsticks. They're not overly messed up and contain the right amount to make it all so comely.

. glamorous linn (make ups 3)
(make ups 9-12) The last three make ups are interesting. While most won't wear them everyday, they can still be used sometime on some sort of occasion. The skin comes in light and dark brows, Aida also made some eyebrow tattoo layers with more shades and since I'm a redhead in SL, I really appreciate that! I wish more skin creators would make them too.

. glamorous linn (body shot)
As usual, the body is as attractive as ever. Glam Affair continues to grow and have a wide collection of skins and fashion to glam your awesometastic SLife.


Hairs: Truth (Juliette, Delia, Valeska) in Carrot.
Lingerie: ** Cutieh Undie in Baby Blue.
Shoes: N-core / Poison / (Color changeable parts in HUD)


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