Saturday, July 2, 2011

Numero 199. ♥

Woot woot ! it's 6 am here and I am craving sushi and pizza ! oh the things i crave at such times. *headdesk*

Blog - N-Core Shoooz
N-core is one of my favorite shoe stores cos they always have a variety of shoes to choose from and they never disappoint! I'm SO in love with these new pumps they released a few days ago. All the colors available to choose from and the options in the HUD. I just love them! These don't come with feet so no matching. There are 24 colors available (yes 24!) and I suggest you fatpack now before I pinch your cute butt!

 Blog - N-Core Shoes HUD
Here's a picture of the HUD for the fatpack version, and as you can see you can change the texture of the heel cap, logo and sole! You can also have your shoes all glossy and awesometasticy. Also if you like sound you can turn that on as well. Last but not least, the resizing of the shoes is really easy and you can easily reset if you make any mistakes! Oh and did I mention you get an alpha layer with the shoes instead of those invisiprims? Yeah! Go demo now!

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