Saturday, July 2, 2011

200th post AND Hair Fair !!

Hi my little doodle bugs! I can't believe it's my 200th post, time flies! :D Hair Fair started today and holy balls it is way too laggy! I crashed around 80 thousand times! I wanted to show you all the hairs Exile has cos they are amazeballs! I *might* blog some other hairs, I'm not sure yet.

Blog - Exile @ Hair Fair
Most of you know that Kavar changed his hair textures at Exile and I have to say the new textures are stunning! The light reds pack is amazing. These 6 hairstyles can be found at Exile at the Hair Fair. You might want to look at this blog post for the list of slurls.

If you can't get in don't worry, it's running till the 15th of July so you still have plenty of time! Try to wear a low lag outfit so you won't lag yourself and others. (Please don't wear ball gowns kthx) :P

Have fun there! <3

Skin: Pink Fuel
Shirt: Friday

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