Saturday, July 2, 2011

Numero 201. ♥

Oh Truth how I love thee! ♥

Blog - Truth Haiiirrr (30 June)
Truth isn't in this year's Hair Fair but there are a bunch of new hairs for you to grab! There's also a Truth District  going on and lots of talented content creators joined. There are a lot of gifts the designers put for us as a thank you. All you have to do is join the Truth District Update Group, wear the group tag and click the gift! That's all. I'm going to be showing some of the gifts I grabbed in the next post. Until then, don't forget to visit the Truth District and check out all the stores there! Also, all these new hairs are at the district, not the main store.

** Edit: You can find the gifts from the Truth District blogged:
1) Here
2) Here
3) Here
4) Here
5) And Here

Darcey, Darcey 2, Pandora, Jean and Summer are all from the latest release at Truth.

  • Darcey comes in: Split attachment point and 63 streak options and the standard version.
  • Darcey 2, Pandora and Jean come in: 63 streak options and the standard version.
  • Summer comes in: Color change band.
Also the Becky hairstyle is a gift at the Truth District, just wear the group tag and voila! It comes with all colors and color change band. :)

Skin: Pink Fuel
Shirt: Friday


  1. Tell Chantrollipants I skimmed this blog post!

  2. ps. I like the pandora look on you.