Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pink Fuel - Elly Skin Review ♥

Ohai y'all! I've been waiting for so long to blog this new skin because it's amazeballs! every.single.item.mochi.does.is.adorable. and this new Elly skin is a must have! I hope you like it. :)

Blog - Elly 3
Firstly, the skin comes in 6 tones and in this post I'm wearing the lightest tone, Sugar. The skin includes 3 eyebrow colors: dark brow, light brow and red brow. As usual the eyebrows are so very lovely and well done. I just love them. I tried lots of hair shades and they all worked with the eyebrows provided. Also, in the picture above I'm showing the no-freckles version. Each skin comes with a million options!

Blog - Elly 4
Here I'm showing the skins with the freckles. I think the freckles are way too adorable and add a whole new look to my avatar's face! As most of you know, I'm a freckle kind of person. No freckles or poorly done ones is a total no for me. So this is fantastic!

Blog - Elly 5
(Click here for a larger view, don't forget to zoom as well)
See all this? This only shows 11 eyeshadows! There are 22 (yes 22!) eyeshadows and you get 2 per pack! So I'm showing one eyeshadow from every pack. The eyeshadow options are just amazing. They're all very different from one another and can all be used for whenever you want to! Each eyeshadow pack comes with normal lips as shown in the above pictures but... *holds breath* also includes 46 lipsticks on tattoo layers! Oh yes! I was in total shock when I knew Mochi included all those in every pack. She's amazeballs you guys! Maybe this is for all of us cos we waited so long for the skin!

Blog - Elly 6
Here I'm just showing 5 lipsticks from every lipstick pack. [There are 5 packs: Sheer Lip Balm, Doll Gloss, Glam Lipstick, Juicy Gloss and Pop Lipstick]. You also get a teeth version with every lipstick! Oh Mochi I just love you. <3

Blog - Elly 2
Onto the body. Without even saying anything, you can see how awesome it is. I'm going to point this out... I want to lick the tummy area ;D It looks so realistic and soft and extremely well done.

Blog - Elly 1
And finally, you can also purchase some of these body modifications. I'm showing the cleavage enhancer now. {See here for the other body modifications available!} The cleavage enhancer comes with 3 different types and they're all shown above. 

Elly from Pink Fuel <3
aaaand.. last but not least, something I did with my poopy photoshop skills! 

Sorry for making you all read a lot, I'm just so crazy about all the options you get. Make sure you demo these! <3

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