Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look of the Day - 12 July. ♥

It's so late here and I'm sleepy and crap so apologies for any mistakes!

Blog - Look of the Day (12 July) ♥♥
I should thank my lack of ballet flats in SL for this outfit! I was searching for the word ballet in my inventory and I found this adorable sweater from Friday that I never knew I had! You all probably noticed that I wear Friday stuff in almost every post so this shouldn't surprise you. Also this skirt I got from Armidi like.. 2 years ago? I was a newb with a sexay skirt! Oh and also, these boots were kinda tricky and a pain to fit, not cos of the size but cos when I have my AO on they would move like crazy and even my plurk friends tried to help but it didn't work so good luck with those!

Hair: Friday - Nicole in Passionate Red
Skin: Pink Fuel - Elly in Pure make up.
Sweater: Friday - Ballet Sweater in Berry (Free in the small boxes with some other stuff)
Skirt: Armidi - Jean Skirt in Twilight.
Stockings: Friday - Cut Off Stockings in Charcoal.
Boots: *Ordinary* - Mouton Boots number 002. (It's an old Christmas gift. I don't think it's still available)
Poses: Olive Juice

And now I shall go and feel comfy in my bed! ♥♥

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