Monday, September 6, 2010

Hair Fair - Part 7

Okay I promise to stop posting about Hair Fair.. one more post and we're done! :D

Kin is a new store to me.. while shopping at Hair Fair I saw these and demoed them immediately, they're sooo cute!! I love the short hairstyle, it's so adorable and Japanese-like (?) So far this is my favorite hair from the Hair Fair! and i'm glad I have it. The red color is so freaking amazing, exactly what I wanted! I love these to bits! <3 The other hairstyle on the right is also super cute, I love the bangs and everything about this hair.

For landmarks, please join the Hair Fair group, there’s a notecard with a list of landmarks.

(skin) – Laqroki

(necklace) – Mandala

(cardigan) –

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