Monday, September 6, 2010

Hair Fair - Part 8 & Final.

phew! No more Hair Fair posts :D Have fun! <3

I always loved the clothes at (fashionably dead) and I go nuts when I know they're in an event/project/fair/sale etc. When I came across (fd) at the Hair Fair and saw the superrr cute hairs, I died for some minutes. (i'm better now :D). I tried them all and I fell in love with all of them! I didn't know (fd) makes stunning hairs and yay i'll be shopping there more often! This is my favorite hairstyle from the hair fair, it's called Lopsided Lilly and I'm wearing it in the pretty Purple Dog color!

*noms* these hair are also so cute and i love them so so much. I prefer wearing hair only with flexi parts, but even though there aren't any flexis (or there are but i'm blind) i will still wear it because it's super cute! i like the hat on this hair :D it makes it look way cuter..

For landmarks, please join the Hair Fair group, there’s a notecard with a list of landmarks.

(skin) – Laqroki

(red shirt) -

(grey shirt) - {SMS} (i dont think this is available anymore)

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