Monday, September 6, 2010

Hair Fair - Part 6

I still have more hair to show you all :D I love these hairs, they're very pretty!

Lexi - Fiona - Sasha

These 3 hairstyles are available at the Hair Fair. My favorite is Lexi, it's lovely! I don't wear hair that shows all my forehead, because it looks bad on me. But this Lexi hairstyle didn't look bad at all! I love it a lot! The Fiona and the Sasha hairstyles are also very beautiful. The bow in the Sasha hair is color change to match your clothes. :)

For landmarks, please join the Hair Fair group, there’s a notecard with a list of landmarks.

(skin) – Laqroki

(necklace) – Mandala

(cardigan) –

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