Friday, February 17, 2012

-* Kosh & Concrete Flowers

Ohai! I didn't used to buy and blog accessories that much because I don't normally find ones that fit my style and taste but after finding out about this awesome store, everything has changed!

Kosh - Infinity Necklace & Earrings
What I love is that they offer sets of their accessories. So you can find matching earrings, bracelets and necklaces. This is the infinity necklace and earrings and I adore the textures and the little details on them.

Kosh - The Key Earrings
These are the key earrings and they are texture change! There are 15 colors to choose from for the leather and 12 metals textures. I really like when creators make their stuff color changeable so we can match them with the outfits.

Kosh - Flunk Eyeshadow
Apart from accessories, Kosh also has pretty make ups. The flunk shadows come in 10 different colors on tattoo layers.
Concrete Flowers - Celtic Heart Necklace
This is the Celtic Heart from Concrete Flowers (same owner of Kosh). I love the inner design of the necklace. There's also a little cute heart at the bottom end too.

Kosh & Concrete Flowers are definitely on my list of stores for beautiful and affordable accessories with texture change options and I recommend you check it out too!

Landmark to KOSH and Concrete Flowers.


(All skins worn are from Glam Affair, hairs from Truth, and clothes from Sn@tch, tee*fy and alexohol)