Friday, January 6, 2012

Stumblebum Brigade is back!

Howdy! Stumblebum Brigade is baack! Each round will stay for 2 weeks and there will be 10 stores and 1 guest store. Something new that was added is the color palette. Designers will put out items with colors from the chosen palette. All the items will be sold in the designers' stores. I'm loving the items and everything so far and it's only the first round! I'm really excited for this whole event and I can't wait for the next set of stores!

Stumblebum Brigade {Illusory}
The Illusory New Year Dress is stunning. It comes in 4 colors to choose from and there's a fatpack too.

 Stumblebum Brigade {Haut.Monde}
These are the Gia dresses from Haut.Monde and they also come in 4 colors. The Velvet hair is from Truth and is also for Stumblebum. The hairstyle comes with color change bows and roots plus standard version with no roots. The poses used here are from Frooti and they are also for Stumblebum! It's a pack of 6 poses and there's also a lovely couples pose set.

Stumblebum Brigade {Cheeky Pea}
This Briarwood Lounge from Cheeky Pea includes all the items shown in the picture (I'm not included though, lol); the 2 sofas, rug and table. All of it is 44 prims and you can also buy each object separately.

Stumblebum Brigade {Aura}
These gorgeous earrings are from Aura and are mesh! There are 2 different colors and they are modifiable.

Stumblebum Brigade {Toki Doki}
These 3 bags are from Toki Doki and they are just too cute for words! I love the texturing and everything about them.

Stumblebum Brigade {.ID.}
Finally, these Real Eyes are from .ID. and they come in 6 shades. I love that they included a regular and a prim version for each, too.

The guest store is oOo Studio and they are offering a pack of poses. There are some other stores in this round not blogged here. Join the group "The Stumblebum Brigade" for the list of stores in each round and updates!

Have fun shopping! <33