Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mmmm... kiwi!

Mmmm.... kiwi!
Hai guys! I'm sad cos school starts tomorrow and I'll go back to not being able to blog regularly (boo!). Anywaaay, I hope you're all having a wonderful day! <3

I wanted to try something different today and so I put on this Airhead skin from Curio. The brows on this skin are blonde so I had to wear some blonde hair with it. And actually it looks pretty great! I feel odd looking but that's because I'm used to me wearing red hair, haha. I'm loving this skin so much and I really wish it came with darker blonde/light brownish brows so it can match with my red hair.

Also, today I remembered this store called Decoy and decided to search my inventory and see what I can find. I found many lovely stuff that I wish I knew about before. Including some fatpacks and many cute stufflets. I immediately teleported there to check if the store is still running and it is! Since the main focus was on the skin, the dress isn't very obvious in this photo. It's a very beautiful dress with different shades on the skirt's bottom. I'm wearing it in Kiwi Zest... yummy color! :D

I wasn't planning on doing a letter from the Alphabet Challenge today but since I'm on D, and this dress is from Decoy I decided to just do it.

Hair: >TRUTH< Delia - Sand | Truth Hawks |
Skin: :GP: Petal [Light] Airhead - Dreamy 2 | Gala Phoenix |
Dress: [Decoy] Zafrina - Kiwi Zest | Annette Voight |
Pose: (Just a basic stand pose I did)