Friday, September 9, 2011

. numero 238

. numero 238
Helloo hellooo!! First of all, I'd like to say that Sims Social on Facebook is an addiction!! I can't stop playing!! (Infact I am playing as I write lolol). Anyway, as most of you know, Collabor88 is back with a whole bunch of new stuff from awesome different designers. This dress from Ingenue comes in 4 colors and all with tights. Also, sold separately, you can get matching shoes! And know what's even better? It's just 88L$ for this awesomeness! There are many cute stuff there and all for 88L$ or under. It's too amazing to pass!

Visit Collabor88 now!


Hair: >TRUTH< Martina - Carrot | Truth Hawks |
Skin: [PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure/nolash (ltbrow) & Sheer Balm (Sherbert) | Mochi Milena |
Dress + Tights: Ingenue :: Sedgwick Dress :: Lime | Betty Doyle @ Collabor88.
Pose: Glitterati | Katey Coppola |

Also I wanted to say that I start school on Sunday, so I might not blog much. *ragepunchstab*



  1. Hi, I love the photo and featured it in my column at Shopping Cart Disco. Called What I Like., the column highlights what I think are some of the best recent photos from Second Life fashion blogs.

  2. @Cajsa Lilliehook - Thank you so so much Cajsa! I'm really flattered. Thank you <3