Sunday, July 10, 2011

Look of the Day - 10 July 2011. ♥

Hi guys! So there was a plurk yesterday about bloggers that only mention the store name in the credits and that people prefer knowing the product name and color. So starting from now I'll try to do that in all my posts but sometimes I'm in a hurry or mobile blogging so I don't get the time to mention other information about the product. Secondly, in that plurk they were also saying that a little writing in a blog post is also better.. so maybe I should write a little too? And lastly, I thought about changing the way I do my pictures so I'm trying this out, I hope you like it!

Blog - Look of the Day (10 July)

I was organizing my inventory and found this adorable Mistinguett skirt from Ingenue in my inventory that I never wore! It's so cute and the prims are beautifully done. I struggled with the shoes cos I admit I don't have lots of flats and that's surprising because that's what I mostly wear in RL. Other than that, everything else was easy to find in my hot mess inventory.

Hair: Truth - Tilda in Carrot.
Skin: Pink Fuel - Elly in Pure make up.
Shirt: Friday - Traveler's Tank in Black.
Skirt: Ingenue - Mistinguett in Blush.
Stockings: Friday - Opaque Stockings in Black.
Flats: Magoa - Delicate Ballet Flats in Sugarpie.

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