Sunday, July 10, 2011

Curio Skins: Summer & Pout 2 Review ♥

Hi loves! Gala released 3 skins at Curio like one week ago and I finally had the time to do a review post. The 3 skins are called Airhead, Summer & Pout 2. I'll be reviewing Summer & Pout 2 here :D

Blog - Summer Skin (Curio)
(Click here for a larger view - don't forget to zoom as well)
I'm wearing the Summer skin in the Acorn tone here. In my opinion, I liked the darker tones more with the face, but that's just me. This tone gave the skin a totally different look which I found amazing. There are 6 make up packs and each pack includes:
  • 2 different make ups.
  • Dark & Light version. (It's all the same tone but just adds a little darkness/lightness to the skin)
  • Freckles.
All that for only 1000L$ per skin tone and you get 2 make ups! Total win.

Blog - Summer Freckles (Curio)
Shown here are the freckles on 2 different skin tones.

Blog - Body Shot Summer (Curio)
And of course, I love the body on this skin. It's so well done and I can't think of anything poorly done here. With the freckled version even the body is a little freckled and I just love that!

Secondly, the Pout 2 skin.
Blog - Pout Skin (Curio)
(Click here for a larger view - don't forget to zoom as well)
I'm wearing the Pout 2 skin here in the petal tone, my favorite. It comes with the same options as the Summer skin.

Blog - Pout Freckles (Curio)
And the freckles on 2 different tones..

Blog - Curio Tones
These tones are the same tones that come on all 3 new skins: Moonbeam, Petal, Sundust, Acorn & Bean. I love the difference between each tone and this is great so everyone could find their skin tone.

Blog - Body Shot Pout 2 (Curio)
Last but not least, the body. What I care mostly about skins is the tummy area, butt area and legs and all these are very well done!

Skin tone pack costs 1000L$
All tones pack costs 1500L$
Mega pack of everything cost 3000L$

For me, I would buy the mega pack without thinking about it because I rather pay 3000L$ and get all make ups than 1000L$ and only one make up pack! It's a great deal and the only difference is 2000L$. I love this a lot about their skins, they are very affordable and worth every linden.

Landmark to Curio.

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