Saturday, February 26, 2011

Zoe skin from Tuli – Review.

Ohai guys! As most of you know the skin fair was open for public yesterday (20 Feb) There are many gorgeous skins in the skin fair that I still want to demo. I showed a preview of this Zoe skin in my Teal Color Challenge and will now do a review :D I hope you like it!

Blog - Tuli Skin Tones
The Zoe skin comes in 4 different tones: Pale, Fair, Sunkissed and Tan. My favorites are pale and fair. I love Tuli for their skin tones cos they’re just perfect. I’m loving the sunkissed and tan tone as well but since I’m a ginger in SL, I prefer pale tones.
Blog - Tuli Skin Eyebrows
There are 8 different eyebrow colors to fit everyone. I’m showing 2 here, bleached and copper. I have to say that these copper eyebrows are the best I’ve seen on SL so far. I mean they’re just perfect and fitting with my hair color. The other eyebrow colors are: Black, Blonde, Carrot, Honey, Light brown and red. Also for your information, the base skin comes with brown eyebrows so if you wear different hair color, the tattoo layers will help :) The eyebrows work ONLY with the Zoe skin, btw!
Blog - Tuli Skin Eye Makeups
Now for the eye makeups.. this skin comes with 6 eye makeups: Bare, Purity, Discotheque, Electric, Vogue and Brass. I love how the makeups vary so it’s definitely worth the lindens!
Blog - Tuli Skin Lipsticks
As usual, the skins at Tuli come with tattoo lips so you can mix and match with whatever eye makeup you like. I really love this idea and I hope more skin designers start doing that! It gives you the ability to choose your own makeups. There are 12 lipsticks altogether.
Blog - Tuli Skin Body Shot
And for the body, as expected.. amazing. It has the perfect amount of shading and I have to say that I truly think it’s gorgeous.
Blog - Tuli Skin Cleavage
As I said in my previous review, you get 3 different cleavage options. Subtle, which is great for small-boobed avatars. Original, the one that comes with the base skin and boost. They come on both tattoo layers and undershirt layers.
Blog - Tuli Zoe Face Shot
And last but not least, you get some other options like freckles and lashes. They are 2 freckles options, light and medium and in the picture above I’m wearing medium and the lashes come in 3 different colors.. black, blue and brown.
My advice is that it would be much better if you used a viewer that accepts multiple layers because this skin needs multiple layers. Of course it’s up to you but if you choose a viewer with no multiple layers then you’ll be able to wear only one layer. I use 2.5 now and I LOVE it.
Hair: Truth
Lingerie: Linc
Shirt in last picture:
P.S: I was invited to blog in The SL Style Directory blogged and I said yes! I will still be blogging on this blog of course but I will on that one as well. Follow that blog to see my posts and the other great posts the bloggers do. :D


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