Saturday, February 19, 2011

{ 52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Teal }

This week's was super easy and fun.. I thought it would be hard! I was shocked by the amount of teal items I have. It's a lovely color! Also the skin I'm wearing is Zoe from Tuli and will be available in the Skin Fair on Sunday :) As usual, Tuli skins are the best and I just love every skin Tuli Asturias, the owner of Tuli, makes. <3

More info here.

{ 52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Teal }

♥ .. Skin: Tuli (not available in mainstore)

♥ .. Hair: Truth

♥ .. Necklace: Miel

♥ .. Shirt: Tiny Bird

♥ .. Shorts:  Nyte’N’Day

♥ .. Flats: Ingenue


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