Friday, November 5, 2010

Numero 113.

Hey guys! Truth Hawks released some new hair AND new textures! I was waiting so long for a new texture for the "gingers" pack and yay! Truth Hawks has done it for us gingers :D. Of course he didn't forget you all, so there is a new texture for each color pack! I'm showing all the new textures here.

Blog - Truth Hair

Chantelle (marmalade) - Madeline (quince) - Nina (carob)

I don't have a favorite this week! I like them all a lot. I'm in love with the new textures and I'm so glad Truth Hawks made new ones.


Here's a picture of the new colors:


Make sure you check the new awesome colors!

Landmark to Truth.

Skins by Laqroki

Clothes by, Boom and (CS)



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