Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Numero 100. (woot woot!) :D

It's my 100th post! I can't believe it. :D Christensia Parkin from Hyper Culture released some smexy new mini dresses in many patterns! I like this dress and I think it's way too sexy. ;D

Hyper Culture

I'm showing three of my favorite patterns. I love their textures and the designs.. they always release different items from the one before it, which is something great. These Ultra Pattern Minis come in 6 hawt patterns. If you don't like patterns on your dress, then there are solid colors too! Also since Christensia is awesomesauce she has a freebie out at her mainstore of this Ultra Pattern Mini in a special version! So make sure you grab that one too.. As usual, clothes come on all layers for easy use with other items.

Landmark to Hyper Culture

***To view the pictures in larger/smaller sizes... please click the image, it will take you to my flickr. Then click on "Actions" and then click on "View all sizes"***

Hair: Truth

Skin: Laqroki

Necklace: Ha!

Belt: Fri.day

Shoes: Pixel Mode

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