Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Numero 67.

Hi all! Doppelganger released some pretty new shorts and dresses, I love them to bits!

These new Joey shorts are the BEST shorts I own, I got the white pair in the previous Fifty Linden Friday and couldn't wait for the official release! The Joey shorts come in 10 cute colors and on both, pants and underpants layers.

Pic 1) Skin by Laqroki - Shirt by Surf Co. - Shoes by A-BOMB.

Pic 2) Skin by Laqroki - Shirt by Surf Co. - Sandals by AOHARU.

These new Polly dresses are one of the best simple dresses I own in SL as well. I LOVE Doppelganger, it's on the list of my favorite stores. Syler & Francesca are so talented, I love their work. This Polly dress comes in 10 colors as well and on ALL layers for mix and matching.

Pic 1) Skin by Laqroki - Flats by buttons. (store is closed till September)

Pic 2) Skin by Laqroki - Sandals by AOHARU.

Landmark to Doppelganger

Location: Botanical

The hair is all from Truth's sale, I spent lots of lindens there! Don't forget to check it out!

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