Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Enjoying the beach with Urbanity.

Hi sweethearts! Urbanity released some new bikinis and I really liked them. I own like 5445121515 bikinis but these were awesome because it makes your butt look gorgeous!

I went with Erica, Ashley and Strawberry and we had lots of fun! Here are some pictures:

I'm wearing one of Urbanity's bikini in here.

Erica and me. Erica's bikini is form SHUSH but mine is from URBANITY.

Ashley, Erica & me. Erica's bikini is from SHUSH and mine is from URBANITY.

Erica and Me. Her bikini if also from SHUSH and mine is from URBANITY. (Can you see my pretty butt? Yeah, that's why I love the bikini.)

Fruity and Me. We're not really wearing anything from Urbanity this time. But her swimsuit is from Surf Co. and mine is from Cupcakes.

Fruity and me. Both of our swimsuits are from Surf Co.


Here are some pictures of the Urbanity new bikinis.

There is a plain version and a version with patterns. There are 6 swimsuits for the patterned version one and 9 for the plain version.

Landmark to Urbanity.

Hair by Truth - Annie
Skin by Pink Fuel - Ember
Flip flops by [ON] - Store no longer available.
Poses by H:3D (50% off on all pose packs. 69L$ for a pack of 5 poses)
Location: Artilleri. (Awesome place! =D)

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