Saturday, June 26, 2010

Buy these or die.

Hi all! Truth released 3 new hairstyles and oh my gosh they're <3. I don't have a favorite! They are all stunning. Check it out.

(Lucille - Iris - Rayne)

Lucille is a sexy hairstyle that has both streaked and normal versions. I like the streaked more and because of the awesome highlights. Iris is suuuper cute and I can't get it off, I love braids in both lives and this is actually awesome because the beads are color change and Truth Hawks is a sweetheart so he included another version of the hair without the hair tie and the beads! Go snuggle him for me. Rayne is so so so so awesome and it makes me feel emo-ish (?). There's a streaked and a non streaked option for Rayne as well. I'm wearing them all in "Auburn" my new favorite hair color. Visit Truth and try them out. :)

Skin by Pink Fuel
Shirt by Surf Co.

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