Friday, June 24, 2011

*YS&YS* - Linda Skin Review ♥

Ohai everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday. I love this new skin from *YS&YS* a lot so I decided to do a review about it! I hope you like it. :)

*YS&YS* - Skin Linda 3
This is the first *YS&YS* to own from their updated skins. The skin is gorgeous. The moment I demoed it I knew I had to have it! This tone is in the middle, there's a lighter tone and a darker tone. They name each tone differently there so the lighter tone is called Beatrice while the darker tone is called Mary. It comes with a ton of options and all for such a low price. In each skin pack you get: 

  • Black brows and black hair base on tattoo layer.
  • Blond brows and blond hair base on tattoo layer.
  • Red brows and red hair base on tattoo layer.
  • Brown brows on the original skin and also a brown hair base.
  • Boob enhancer.
  • Sunburn tan line.
  • Freckles, eyelashes and brows shape.
*YS&YS* - Skin Linda 4
(Click here for a larger size) - There are 14 make ups to choose from! I love love love when skin creators give us a bunch of make up options to choose from, it makes it easier to fit with different outfits! 

*YS&YS* - Skin Linda 2
If you get the fatpack, you get 5 lipsticks as shown above. This is a great deal to buy the fatpack! If you don't want to get the fatpack they also have them on sale for 400L$ with a pack of 10 lipstick add-ons! 

*YS&YS* - Skin Linda 1
Here's a full shot of the body. The body is flawless and very well done. I love the tummy area, it fits the skin perfectly. 

*YS&YS* Linda Skin <3
This is just a picture I did as a new profile picture and wanted to share on my blog post as well. :)


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