Sunday, June 19, 2011

Numero 188. ♥

Hi y'all! ♥

Blog - *BOOM* (11/6/2011)

I am in love with these halter tops from *BOOM*. The textures on these tops are wonderful as usual. Even the sculpt they used. It comes in different size types for easier fitting. When I put on the "small" size it fit magically! What I love the most about the top is that it works perfectly with AOs. So even if your AO is movetastic, it still works! It also comes with a bust shadow incase you want to cover your pixel bits ;D Oh and did I mention that it comes in 20 colors? Yeah! I want its babies!

Landmark to *BOOM*

Have a sparkletastic day. :D

Hair - Truth
Shorts - Tres Blah

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