Thursday, June 9, 2011

.. ♥ CH1C Event - { 1 }

Hi everyone! CH1C is another awesome event organized by the CHIC Management to celebrate their first birthday! Happy Birthday! :) Almost 100 brands came together to celebrate this special event. Here's a list of the stores participating in the event. Make sure you stop by and check the awesomeness!

Blog - Chic 1
Kyoot - The Clocks Are Broken
(Comes in 4 colors. Each dress includes an undershirt/no undershirt version, gloves, leg wraps and 2 tattoo makeups. On all layers)

Blog - Chic 2
~*INDIE ROSE*~ Animal Print Halter Jumpsuit

Blog - Chic 3
Top Row: Lara Hurley Skin
(Comes in 3 tones, hairbase, cleavage on undershirt layer and tattoo layer)
Bottom Row: Candydoll
(Comes in 4 tones, 4 cleavage sizes, hairbase)

Part 2 to be posted in a few minutes!

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