Saturday, May 28, 2011

. { Look of the Day - May 28 } ♥

Hi my loves! I've been having horrible horrible internet and second life issues the past few days :( Whenever I log in the SL 2.6 viewer/Kirstens my internet would disconnect but logging in with the Phoenix viewer works :| It's pissing me off so much I could cry. I kept trying and trying and nothing new until today and it logged me in but instead, it would crash my internet in the middle of the game. WHAT THE FUCKERY DUDE?!! If any of you know what the problem might be, please please please IM me in world or leave a comment below. I would appreciate your help a lot! <3 Now onto my look of the day, I hope you like it. :)

♥ { Look of the Day - May 28 }

~* Truth Hawks released this adorable new hairstyle called Lucia and I have to say I died of the cute once I tried it. I love hairs with cute bows like these since my avatar is all about cutesy stuff. :P

~** Fruity Fashion, a friend of mine, told me about this skin store called Cara Bella having a closing sale and I had to check it out. I'm not how long the sale will run so make sure you check it out! The stuff there is super cheap and I am so glad I was able to afford the fatpack of this skin. The single skin is 150L$ only and comes with a freckles version and a non-freckled version. Personally I like freckles on my avatar in every single skin and this was a total win for me. The fatpack is only 550L$ and comes with 11 skins (10 of the skins have make up on them and 1 is natural without make up). I also love how they offer eyebrows on tattoo layers (Blonde, Red, Black) and each one is 25L$ only! Can this get any cheaper? I also got the breast enhancer for this skin which is for 25L$ only. They also offer breast dehancers if you're a small boobed avatar. Oh! The skin is called Gemma and the tone I'm wearing is "Pesca"

~*** Now onto the outfit. I wanted a very simple, summery outfit since it's way too hot where I live in RL (38C/100F >.<) So I put on this lovely dress from, the flats from Armidi and the jewelry set from Miel.  

♥.. Hair: Truth
♥.. Skin: Cara Bella
♥.. Jewelry: Miel
♥.. Dress:
♥.. Flats: 

Woah.. I type a lot! Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful day. :P 

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