Thursday, February 17, 2011

Numero 168.

I've been waiting for a new "headshot" set for a long time and finally Katey Coppola released a new one! I lurve Glitterati so hard and most of the poses I use are from Glitterati, actually. :D

Blog - Glitterati Headshot Poses

(bloody hell of tiny pictures. click the picture for a larger view!)

This pose set is great and useful cos it can be used in vendors ads or even normal pictures! I'm a huge fan of Katey's long hair pose sets as well. So make sure you check that one as well :) This is the Headshot #3 set and there are a few more! I love the #4 set so hard too.

Landmark to Glitterati.

♥ .. Skin: Tuli

♥ .. Hair: Truth

♥ .. Shirt: Armidi


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