Friday, February 4, 2011

Numero 157. (ohaii i'm back!)

Haaaaaaaaaaiii!! I'm backk home finally and I can blog \o/ I have MANY things to blog so I'm not going to be showing all the items in each release.

Blog - Truth Hair

Neve - Odette - Billie

I loveeee the new Truth Hairs! Especially Odette ♥

  • Neve comes in: Color changeable bands and you can turn them off, 63 streak options and normal version.

  • Odette comes in: Split attachment point option. 63 streak options and normal version. Also it comes with the bangs shown (they are an attachment, the original hair doesn't come with bangs)

  • Billie comes in: Color change hat, 63 streak options and normal version.

a no bang hair NEVER looks good on me so I'm glad Truth Hawks included Odette with bangs! ♥ First I freaked out cos the bangs attached to the nose and I have my prim lashes attach to nose and I tried to attach the bangs to mouth but didn't work buuuuut then I remembered the "add" option in the Phoenix viewer \o/


Blog - Truth Hair 2

Also this hair from 2 weeks ago's release (January 22) is soo pretty! I couldn't resist and had to blog it. Amelie comes in color change flowers and you can also turn them off. You also get 63 streak options and normal version! love ♥


Landmark to Truth

Skin: Tuli

Clothes: Berries IncFri.dayPhoenix Rising

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