Saturday, January 8, 2011

Numero 151.

Hey guys! I used to love Thursdays so hard cos Truth Hawks released new hair but now he releases new hair on Friday and I just can't wait for Friday every week! Neww Truth hair makes me haaappy in the panties! :D

Blog - Truth Hair 1

{Last Friday's release}

Ava - Mariska - Courtney

To be totally honest, I couldn't decide on a favorite from this release. Simply because they are ALL gorgeous. I love how this release has clips in the hair :D The clips are color change in 17 colors & you can turn them off. As usual, 63 streak options for all hairstyles. <3


Blog - Truth Hair 2

{Today's release}

Nyssa - Pepper - Tatum.

The first thing I do when I wake up on Friday mornings is grab my iPhone, check Truth Hawk's flickr to see the new releases' pictures and then make a dance in bed cos of the happiness :D See, without Truth hair I'll be so emo and stuff! lolol. My favorite was Tatum. I'm a huge fan of hairs with hats and this was a total win for me.

  • Nyssa has: Split attachment point option and 63 streak options and the standard version.

  • Pepper has: Band/Flower with 16 colors and the flower can be invisible and 63 streak options and the standard version.

  • Tatum has: Color change hat in 16 colors and 63 streak options and the standard version.

Don't forget to check them out cos they're awesomesauce mixed with rainbows! :D

Landmark to Truth

Skin: Tuli (love love love love love this skin ♥)



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