Monday, December 20, 2010

Numero 139.

I’ve been a lazy ass lately and I feel bad cos I have A LOT of stuff to blog :[

Angel Baby – Sparks

[Shag] released 2 new hairstyles for Project Themeory and I’m oh so dumb and mixed up and took pictures of the previous hairstyle instead. Anyway, Angel Baby (left) is the hairstyle out for THIS Project Themeory.. the one on the right is from the previous Stumblebum which is not available as a Stumblebum anymore but you can purchase it for 250L$ per pack! For this Project Themeory there are 2 hairs out, the one on the left and another one not shown here. Each one is for 75L$ only, which is a great deal for 3 colors and great options.

Landmark to [Shag]

Skin: Laqroki

Tattoo lipstick: Tuli

Eyes: Curio

Dress: (Elate!) [to be blogged soon.]


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