Monday, October 25, 2010

Numero 109.

I have a test AND a homework for tomorrow so this is a short post. :|

Blog - Candydoll 2

This Aurora skin comes in 6 make ups and 6 lipstick options on a tattoo layer. Also there's a new updated body of the skin and it comes on a tattoo layer, I love the idea of it! These tattoo layers are being well used in SL. I didn't take a picture of the body because as usual I logged off to work on pictures and forgot lol.

Blog - Candydoll 1

This shows the tattoo layer lipstick.. I'm wearing the same make up with different lips only.

Make sure you demo these!


Landmark to Candydoll.

Hair: Truth.

Skin: Candydoll

Shirt: [W&B]


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