Thursday, September 9, 2010

a post to rant and complain *eyeroll*

Oh hai darlings! <3 I don't want to cause any drama, because it's not what I like to do but I hope you understand me because this is one of the ways to feel better..  **IF YOU OWN A FEED, DON'T KICK ME OUT LMAO I WAS JUST RANTING**

I plurk. I love. I laugh. I live. I cry. I have feelings! Why are there many "haters" out there? I want to know. I really do. It's funny how a small thing can cause drama. I saw many people talking about this formspring thing so I asked myself "Why not make one? It sounds fun!" So I did. I'm glad I did. I got many nice and interesting questions that made me think but recently I got some HORRIBLE questions, really horrible. I thank god I didn't cry but instead I laughed and said "what a loser" I don't get it, why don't you live your life and leave others live their own? Why should you post all these hateful questions and cause all this to yourself and to others? I just don't get it. *insert a bad word here* Just leave me alone, k? Many friends and people told me they're just jealous of you because you have great friends and a RL. But seriously? Why can't you be happy for others and stop getting jealous? Why can't you mind your own business and leave everyone else alone if you're going through a tough day? It's not my fault if your RL sucks, if I could do anything to make your day better and full of unicorns and flowers, I would because I love you. I love everyone out there, but why don't I get the love back? Sometimes I ask myself all this and never know the answer. Don't tell me "haters gonna hate" because I know that :) But please, just focus on your life and don't destroy other's lives, because you never know what it might cause. Please. I was so happy before I got a plurk, no drama, no mean people.. just peace, love and sweet friends. I really miss the old days. But guess what? This will NOT destroy me. I will stay strong and expect anything because life isn't easy. And no, I won't delete my plurk account :) I plurk what I want. period. Don't like it? Feel free to leave.. your existence isn't needed. This post is not for a specific person because unfortunately there are many in my life. Anyways, that's all. I hope you understood what I mean. I love all my blog readers more than anything.. please feel free to comment back and if your comment was rude, don't bother commenting ;)

Sorry for my bad English, it's not my first language :P


Cupcake aka Maretch.

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