Monday, August 9, 2010

Numero 56.

Hi all! I blogged about N1CO before. After a few releases I finally got a chance to blog them. Check it out!

The pink shirt, pants, black hair with cans and bikinis are all from N1CO. I like the bikinis, the textures are very well done. There's also another color from the pink shirt. I think this is the first hair by N1CO and she did a great job! There's a blonde and brown color too. I don't wear low waist jeans in SL, but these were an exception because they're not VERY low. The skin is the latest from Exodi, I will be blogging soon!

Landmark to N1CO.

Brown hair by Tiny Bird - Skin by Exodi - Shoes by A-bomb - Flip flops by [0n] (store not available anymore.)

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