Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Truth hair!

Hi angels! Truth has 3 new hairstyles out and they are all gorgeous.. check it out!

(Roxana - Tabatha - Josephine)

Roxana is a sexy short hairstyle that gives your avatar a mature look. I love the beautiful curves in it, they just add a sweet look to the hair. Roxana comes in 22 streak option and a normal one as shown above. My favorite this week is Tabatha, I never had a hairstyle like this and I fell in love with it, the super cute side ponytail is the best thing, the awesome bangs are also great. I love everything about this hairstyle! Tabatha has 22 streak options as well and a normal version as shown above, there's also a color change headband but I'm not wearing it above. Josephine is a mixture of cuteness, adorableness and awesomeness. It's the perfect style for summer or just a simple day where all you do is sit in your house, lol. The best thing about this hair... the BRAIDS! I love braids and Truth's braids are just addicting and handsome.

Skin by Belleza
Outfit by Tres Blah (Past FLF)

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