Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feeling sexy with Cynful

Hi angels!! I am so sorry for the lack of posts. I was busy and didn't feel like blogging :( Blame meila and nicole! jk.. i have manyyyyyyyyy things to blog :[ Anyways let this be quick! :)

Cynful's new summer collection is gorgeous. A wide selection from bikinis to tops to skirts, all with rich textures and awesomeness. In the first picture I'm showing a picture of the fluffyness skirt in Cherry Bomb. Also the bathing suit shown in the second picture, comes with boy pants and string panties. I like boy pants in both lives, so this was a total win for me! Same goes for the red bikini, it comes with adorable boy pants. The High Waist jeans are also from Cynful's latest release, I matched the jeans with the cute Basic Flats in Lilac, also from Cynful. Now last but not least, my favorite! The Beertilicious top in khaki is love! It was my favorite from the whole release, because I love strapless tops that come with a  prim piece. These can go with almost everything; it's a very casual top full of cuteness.

Landmark to Cynful

Hair by Truth
Skins by Atomic (group gift) and Rockberry.
Black flats by Urbanity

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