Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Board Shorts and hair = <3

Hi sweethearts! Doppelganger released some new summery shorts in stunning textures. I wear them all the time when I go to the beach, they're perfect for this hot season. Check it out!

I'm showing 4 colors here. I love the prim cuffs! To be honest, these are the best prim cuffs I own in SL! I have some shorts like these in RL, with Hawaiian patterns and I'm addicted to them so I was happy when I got these! There are 6 different colors and they are unisex so you can wear it with your friend/guy :)

The hairstyles are from Truth's previous release. I forgot to blog them. I love them all to bits! Worn in Auburn.

Landmark to Doppelganger

Landmark to Truth

Skin by ATOMIC (group gift) - Stripe black top by Hyper Culture - Blue and Black bikini top by Luck inc. - Brown tank by Armidi - Flip flops by [0n] no longer available.


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