Sunday, June 13, 2010

Truth hair will make me glare.

Hi all! I know you probably seen this 574512354418 times, but oh well I'll still blog it :D Have fun!

|  BoHo - Peyton - Nicola  |

My favorite hairstyle is BoHo. It's very pretty!!! The beads are color change and you can make them invisible. Peyton is also so beautiful and you can have it streaked, hooo! Nicola is very very very very awesome. I wanted a hairstyle like Nicola a long time ago, and waha! Truth made it <3

Go buy them now! all of them! Leave a comment and tell me which hairstyle is your favorite, please :)

Landmark to Truth

Skin by Laqroki
Eyes by Tuli
Necklace by Zaara
Dress by Zaara

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