Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Shit Hunt. (Part 2)

Hi all! This is the second and last part of the hunt. Check it out!

Left to right:
1) Dress: Sn@tch
2) Shirt: Pig
Jeans: Fri.Day
3) Shirt: *Hilarious*
Jeans: Fri.Day
Gumby: Intrigue Co.
Flats: Duh!
1) Skybox: !Estetica
2) Furniture: Bed+Table: Little Boxes (Includes carpets and a skybox too)
White bookshelf+carpet: ::EmJay::
Brown cabinet: La’Licious Designs
Blue sofa:  True Love Never Dies
Pink sofa: TASTY
1) Furniture: Bubble Chair+Lamp: Croire
Seating+Canopy: buttons.
Dress: OMFG
2) Dress: A-BOMB
Hair Comb+Bracelet: Dark Mouse
Paper Lanterns: Turnip’s Homes and Stuff

**Good luck hunting and I hope you enjoy the gifts. They are super easy. If you need any help please leave a comment or send me a notecard inworld. My name is Maretch Waffle. :) **

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