Thursday, May 13, 2010

MonS and my first post!

Hi everyone! :) So this is my first post on The Crazy Fashionistas and I hope everything goes well, lol!

~It's a bit different there, because it's 1 skin with 1 tone which contains 2 makeups. And at a very reasonable price. I really love the eyebrows on this skin, they look so good! I love the thickness and the dark color, it's a perfect skin for people that wear dark hair colors. (I know, I'm wearing blonde hair, I just can't wear any color other than blonde xP) So anyways, I like the skin on the right more because of the lips and the eyeshadow. But it's up to you ;) I tried this skin with more than 1 shape, and it looked really great with other shapes, so you might want to try a demo ;)

~The necklace and the bracelet are also from MonS and I actually like them a lot! They fit really great and I didn't have to increase the size.

You should definitely teleport to -MonS- and spend some lindens on these awesomeness <3

Hair by

Skin by Tuli

Shirt by Luck inc.

More to come soon! =)

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