Saturday, May 15, 2010

[KA] Designs new GARBO collection skins!

Hi all! [KA] Designs has a new skin collection called Garbo and it contains 3 skin lines - Iman, Molly and Rabea. I personally love it and I like the name. So anyways, I usually stick with my Tuli skin but from now on I'll start wearing this too!

~This is a version of the skin with no make up, I love it so much! It looks so soft and natural. It makes my face look young and clear. Lovely! I'm wearing Rabea here.

~I'm wearing different skin tones this time, I really don't wear very dark tones like the one on the right, but this skin was an exception. I think Kira made it dark, but added some bright touches to it. Other wise, I wouldn't have wore it. The pale one on the left is my favorite! Beauteous pale and with strong details on the face, I love detailed skins. The body is very beautiful as well and it looks very real. On the left I'm wearing Rabea and on the right I'm wearing Iman.

~Rabae and Molly have 4 skin tones - light, pale, sunkissed and tan while Iman got Tan, Dark Tan , Mahogany and Ebony I love everything about this skin! From head to toe. It's so gorgeous and stunning. :) On the left I'm wearing Iman and on the right I'm wearing Molly.

Don't forget to try these skins yourself and I'm sure you'll like them. :)

Landmark to [KA] Designs.

Blonde hair by Truth, brown hair by

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