Monday, May 24, 2010

Fishy strawberry tastes better than strawberry.

Hi all! I wanted to show you some Fishy Strawberry awesomeness before but I was very busy, but I finally have some time! =)

~ The Pivano Dress in White is so cute! I love the puffy skirt prim, it's very well made! And the pretty flowers on all the dress. I love everything with flowers, so this dress became one of my favorites. :D It's a lovely dress and the textures are well made. I even wore the shirt with some jeans, it looked very sexy! It's a great dress to wear in summer, although I don't dress up according to seasons, in SL. :P

~ The Cuddle Maxipull dress in Pink is LOVE! Ask Christensia, I've been wearing this dress for more than 2 days now. :D I love the color of this dress - because it's pink, DUH. I even added some leggings and it made it all look even better! I really love winter but too bad we never have winter in RL here, because I live in Abu Dhabi and it's always hot in here. :/ But because Fae Eriksen loves me (or maybe she loves us all) she made this awesome dress! Thank you Fae! <3

And finally the best dress in SL! (That's why I made a pretty picture for it ^_^). It's very pretty!!! I really really want a dress like this in RL, it's adorable! The dress is called Lucille Oh'doll Dress and it's in purple. It's short, cute, fun and absolutely ideal for summer! I'm so going to fatpack this dress, soon. :D

In all pictures:
Hair by Truth.
Skin by Laqroki.
Leggings by Fishy Strawberry.
Flats by Urbanity.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think. :D
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Mare xoxo

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